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Paul Farrer

Float Coach


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Paul was an Assistant Golf Professional for a number of years which he believes has helped him enormously in being able to get fundamentals, ideas, and skills across to all different age groups and talent levels. He has also coached little league basketball, baseball, and football for teams that his son has been a part of.

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2022-2023  15 Black Assistant Coach

                    RMR Final Finish 19th out of 100 

                    Vegas Classic 13th out of 104    

2021-2022  15 Black Assistant Coach

                     9th place @ Big South JNQ

2020-2021  17 Black Head Coach

2019-2020  15 Black Assistant Coach

2018-2019  15 Black Assistant Coach

2017-2018  15 Black Assistant Coach

                       5th in RMR of 100+

                       Silver Bracket Champions @                                    President's Day Classic Omaha

2016-2017  15 Black Head Coach

                       5th in RMR competing in the                                    Mixed Age Division

                       5th @ RMR JNQ

                       9th @ Omaha President's Day                                  Classic

                       19th @ Colorado Crossroads 

                       9th @ NEQ Philadelphia

2015-2016  15 Black Assistant Coach

                       23rd in RMR of 105,

                       9th in Gold @ Philadelphia JNQ

2014-2015  17 Black Assistant Coach

                       12th in RMR, 13th @ Omaha                                    President's Day Classic

                       5th Place Division 1 finish

2013-2014 15 Black Assistant Coach

                      13th in RMR, 13th @

                      Far Westerns JNQ Reno,

                      Division 2 Regional Champions

2012-2013 15 Black Assistant Coach

                      Top 10, 2nd @ RMR Showdown

                      5th @ Colorado Crossroads JNQ                               13th @ Far Westerns JNQ

                      7th @ RMR JNQ

2011-2012 Five Star 18 Pink Assistant Coach

1993-1997 Five Star VBC assistant coach all                             ages 

1997-2001 Absolute VBC assistant coach all                             ages 

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1993-2000 CPVA and USAV 

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