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How are your teams selected at tryouts?

Players are selected for teams based on skill, experience, work ethic, positional needs, commitment, athletic ability, and attitude.

If my daughter played on a Black team last season is she guaranteed to make a Black team next season?

NO,  players from a current team may be offered spots ahead of time if the coach chooses.  Tryouts will be held for all current and new players to fill remaining spots on a team regardless of previous placement.


How does Five Star handle multi-sport athletes?

We encourage multi-sport athletes.  Practices are flexible, however,  tournaments are MANDATORY. Communication between all parties is crucial.


How many athletes are selected per team?

Black Teams will consist of 9-10

Silver Teams will consist of 9-11

12U Teams will consist of 9-11


What if my daughter decides to quit before the season has ended?

Once a player/parent has committed to a team they are financially responsible for the ENTIRE club season unless there is a season ending injury in which case dues may be prorated.


If our daughter can not attend a scheduled out of state tournament do we still have to pay?

YES, because otherwise the rest of the team would be charged more to cover your expenses.


Does everyone get equal play time?

NO.  All players will get equal practice time, but we give NO guarantee of playing time for the athletes. We will play your daughter as much as possible taking into consideration her skill level, competition, position, and attitude.

May my daughter join after the tryouts are over?

Answer:  Yes, provided we have an open position on a team based on her ability.


Do you offer fundraisers?

Yes, we provide many different fundraisers to help with athlete's expenses. Please visit our fundraiser page.


How do I determine what age division my daughter must play in?

Please visit our Age Divisions link 


Do you offer help with college recruiting?

Yes, upon the request of the player or parent we do offer help with college recruiting.  This process usually begins at our 16's age group and up. We also have a recruiting advisor who will be happy to help anybody who needs it.


Where do the teams practice?

The majority of our practices are held at various sites in the Brighton/Northglenn and surrounding area.  Practices may be held further away due to school closures and other unavoidable situations that leave us without use of one of our usual gyms.

Do you have open practices where I can come watch?

Yes. Practices are open at the coaches discretion


How much does it cost to play and what are the fees for?

Please check our fees page for prices and a list of what they are for.


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