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About Five Star VBC

Five Star Volleyball Club Inc. is a nonprofit youth sports organization, established in 1991.  Club longevity is hard to come by & with 30 Years in Existence you can say we're here to stay!  In addition to continuing club excellence for such an extensive period of time we tack onto this with over 200 Years of combined Coaching Experience throughout our coaching staff.  We truly mean it when we say, "We LOVE what we do!"

Since its beginning, FSVBC has provided youth athletes in Colorado with a top-quality volleyball training program and an elite platform to showcase their talents in a competitive learning environment. 


Five Star's coaching staff is dedicated to developing our athletes to their fullest potential. Emphasis is placed on building volleyball players' skills from fundamental levels through advanced techniques. 


Our Club expects all athletes to come to practice and tournaments committed to the philosophy of "100 percent effort brings 100 percent results". Coaching and administrative staff members are devoted to helping each athlete accomplish all of their individual and team goals. When Five Star players improve skills, achieve their goals, and dedicate themselves to fulfilling their potentials, then our club and its members have acquired success. 


The Goal of Five Star VBC

Our Program Goals are:

To teach the athlete to achieve and meet their potential, as an individual and as a member of a competitive volleyball team. 

To teach athletes how to set realistic goals and to strive to achieve those goals both in practice and in competition. 

To instill in each athlete a positive attitude toward; the sport, our club, teammates, coaches, hard work, dedication, winning/losing, and our competitors. 

To build strong teams and compete at the highest level possible.

Provide opportunities, recruiting and scouting exposure, to college bound athletes seeking college scholarships. 


Many of our club athletes have grown to experience high levels of personal achievement and team success.  

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