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Heather Holman

13 Black Head Coach


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I am native to Colorado and extremely blessed to be living in such a beautiful state. I am currently working on my degree in Elementary and Special Education. I have been a volleyball coach for 13 years and could not have asked for a better job. I am truly honored to be able to hold such an impactful job while teaching a game I love. My life revolves around me being a mom, photographer, coach, student, playing volleyball, and answering the question “why” for the eleventh-bajillionth time!

Now, to the important stuff! I want to live in a world filled with temperatures that stay in the ’70s, unlimited strawberry ice cream, a volleyball court in my backyard, and my family always by any side. The newest camera gear magically appearing in my bag, and a force field around my computer that repels toddlers! Oh, and how did I forget to mention, I need trees that grow chocolate!

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Five Star 

2022-2023  13 Black Head Coach

                        3rd ZBT bid to GJNC                                                    2nd RMR Showdown

                        9th Philly NEQ

                        4th Overall in RMR 13s Div

2021-2022  12 Black Head Coach

                        RMR Showdown Grand                                             Champions

                        Junior Nationals

2021           7th Grade Five Star CYL Head Coach


2020-2021  16 & 12 Black Assistant Coach

2019-2020  16 Black Head Coach

2018-2019  13 Black Head Coach

                       RMR Top 10 13s Div


2017-2018  14 Black Head Coach

                       RMR Top 5 in 14s Div


2016-2017  15 Silver Head Coach

                        Bronze Bracket Finish @

                        Colorado Crossroads

                        Silver Bracket Finish @

                        NEQ Philadelphia

                        Top 25 in RMR

Colorado Select VBC

2011-2015 Club Director/Head Coach 

Longmont Juniors VBC (4 yrs)

2010-2011  16-1 Head Coach

2007-2010  15-1 Head Coach

High School

2019-2020  Boys Head Volleyball Coach - 

                        Mead High School

2012-2013   Assistant Volleyball Coach

                        Mead High School

2011-2012   Assistant Volleyball Coach

                        Mead High School

2009-2012   Youth Head Coach

                        Gold Crown Volleyball

2009              Gold Crown team finished 1st in                             the silver division.

playing experience.jpg

Club Experience – 6 years – OH/RS

2002 - 2004  Premier VBC

High School – Skyline High School

3 years Varsity

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